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Amaranth is named for its vibrant red shade and the stunning perennial plant native to our continent. For the township in Dufferin County, the name is perfectly synonymous with the gorgeous natural landscape of the area and vibrant ecosystem that grows there. For our upcoming Farmstead residents, a focus on nature, scenic beauty and outdoor living is part of what makes this community exciting. From the countless trails and parks, spanning from Orangeville to Hillsborough and beyond, to the unique outdoor experiences enjoyed by families from across the region, discover the possibilities of nature’s bounty found throughout Farmstead.

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Parks, Trails and Conservation

Amaranth and the surrounding area that makes up Dufferin County is known for its natural beauty, with picturesque rolling hills, conservation areas as well as many parks and trails. Luther Marsh Wildlife Management Area is a protected conservation park, home to a variety of provincial bird species and plant life, inviting visitors to explore its vivid landscape year-round. Orangeville Conservation Area is a beautiful natural reserve, with Island Lake Conservation Area nearby, the latter featuring a 400-acre reservoir for seasonal fishing and boating.

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Experience the beautiful world beyond your front door and enjoy convenient access to the myriad of parks and trails available to Farmstead residents. Hike the vast Upper Grand Trailway in neighbouring Grand Valley, embark on a bicycle trail through Purple Hill Park in Orangeville and visit its bike repair station or spend an afternoon in the Amaranth Municipal Park, just 10 minutes from home. In neighbouring Grand Valley, the Grand River is a Canadian Heritage River and an ideal spot for fishing and paddling. It is home to many species and is an important part of Dufferin County. For Farmstead residents, the bucolic scenery and invigorating outdoor experiences are always within reach.

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Outdoor Recreation

One of the area’s most exciting outdoor activities is its collection of golf clubs, placing Farmstead residents in an incredible haven of premier courses including Orangeville Golf Club, Meadow Land Golf Club, The Iron and the Eagle Golf and Country Club and many more. From spending a relaxing summer morning on the greens at Hockley Valley Resort to enjoying a membership at Dufferin Glen, golfers of all ages will appreciate the county’s natural scenery and exceptional courses.

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A distinctive feature of Farmstead is its proximity to rural areas and farmland, many of which offer equestrian services and training. Prospective riders of all ages can take lessons at Hockley Hills School of Horsemanship or visit Singing Waters or Equus 3D, only 10-15 minutes from home. Horseback training is a creative way to engage with the environment, while offering a unique and compassionate perspective on animals and the equine sport.

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For families, outdoor activities to engage kids is always an important aspect of daily life. Nearby Orangeville offers a four-season approach to recreational activities, with everything from hockey leagues during winter to soccer games in summer. In January and the subsequent winter months, Island Lake Conservation provides the perfect icy canvas to safely skate upon and the ski hills at Hockley Valley provide an invigorating winter experience close to home. For the summer season, residents can play baseball at Orangeville’s Princess of Wales Park or have a waterside picnic at Stuckey Park in Grand Valley. For an introduction on family recreation in the area, read our previous blog.

When you live at Farmstead, exploring the beauty of its natural surroundings is part of what makes this community so compelling. Scenic landscapes, sprawling greenspace and countless outdoor experiences are waiting just outside your door.

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